Keep your eyes on the road

Just a quick update from the road – I have now been travelling around NZ for over two weeks, and I’m having a great time.

Unfortunately I brought a bit of cold weather with me at the start, and our plans to make the Tongariro Crossing were foiled, but the weather has been fine and warm since then. I’ve spent time in Whangarei – I don’t know who’s done the work on the Glenbervie MTB trails, but thanks – then I’ve been moving south. Quick trip around the East Cape before my brother’s wedding in Tauranga, and now I’ve moved to the South Island.

I’m riding the Queen Charlotte track tomorrow. Should be a couple of hard days riding, then further south for a bit, before shooting up the country, and back to the northern hemisphere.

Hope everyone’s OK out there. When I get some more down time, I’ll make more of an effort to post some photos and more details on my travels. I’m just moving around too much at the moment to get it sorted. Watch this space.