I first visited England in 2002, but only briefly. I returned for a little longer in 2004, then again in 2005 and 2006. These are a few shots from those trips, and my ongoing travels around the country now

Well, what else to start with except the view you get when leaving England – the White Cliffs of Dover. Or perhaps it’s the view you get when arriving…no that would be huge lines at Heathrow customs.

White Cliffs of Dover

Is this really the “Round Table” of legend? Or is it a 14th century fake? I dunno, but it’s pretty cool.

Great Hall at Salisbury

Stonehenge – the day I was there a bunch of so-called “druids” were performing some bollocks ceremony. I think the just dress up in funny robes to walk around amongst the stones for free, unlike us peons who have to pay to stand 30m back.

Top of Samaria Gorge

The tour of Lords cricket ground is far more extensive than I thought, and is a really cool thing to do, if you have even half an interest in cricket. Thanks to Suzie for thinking of it.

Lords Cricket Ground Lords - please keep off the grass

Obviously having too many cars around is a problem congestion-wise, so you want to encourage people to use public transport, right? Perhaps by offering parking discounts to railway users? Or maybe not.

Carpark fees sign

I completed the Devon Coast to Coast bike ride over August Bank Holiday Weekend. A really nice ride, almost entirely off-road, over very easy terrain. A couple of shots from along the way here, including Ilfracombe (North Devon’s Leading Seaside Resort!), the view from yet another of Brunel’s viaducts, and an offroad section – doesn’t look like it gets a huge amount of traffic:

Ilfracombe Brunel's Viaduct

Bike track

Finally, a few shots of the Lake District, a particularly nice part of the countryside. Also check out the two signs seen on the footpath – I’ve never seen anything like that before

Lake District Lake DistrictLake District

Not a public footpathPrivate Ground