As soon as you cross the border, you can see that this province has less money – roads/signs not in such good condition, streets in towns are in poor condition, etc…but the people here have been outstanding, including giving me my first television interview!

One more province ticked off!

Fujian Border

This crew conducted a television interview on the outskirts of Pucheng. Apologies for the socks and sandals, no I’m not planning on becoming a teacher. It was a cold morning, and I don’t own any shoes, and I only have one pair of trousers, for casual wear.

TV interview crew

Glorious riding south of Pucheng, even though it was a national highway, there was little traffic down the beautiful valley.

Fujian Valley Fujian Valley

I like this, when you turn town a typical street…and there’s a big Bell Tower!

Jian'Ou Bell Tower

Interesting hotel this. First check out the numbers on the duvet and pillows – like a prison. Then look at the bowl and forceps – what the hell am I meant to do with that?

Prison numbers

Forceps and bowl

Nanping was a nice bustling little town at the confluence of two rivers, and I was happy to rest here for a day. It seems to have so far escaped the wrecking ball, and so the streets are narrower than redeveloped towns.

Nanping Nanping Nanping Nanping

Now I’ve seen many herds of sheep and goats, but I never even knew it was possible to herd ducks:

Herding ducks

The map showed the road following a river downstream, and I was hoping for an easy day. Of course, when you stray just a little bit from the river, you wind up in big hills. Beautiful, but a few long climbs.

Fujian hills Fujian hills

Fuzhou didn’t impress me much, just another anonymous Chinese city. Only partly rescued by this slightly out of place church

Fuzhou church

I rather liked this sign on the Xiamen ferry. I strode about the decks trying to make trouble, but sadly no-one noticed. I decided not to try any tossing, it was a family show.

No striding sign

Interesting hot water setup here. You might not be able to see it, but in small print it says on the unit “Unsuitable bathroom or shower-room.” Indeed. I turned on the bathroom fan, left the door open, and made it a quick shower.

Internal gas hot water heater Heater closeup