This is a collection of photos I took in Dundee, where I lived from June to October 2005.

Dundee sits on the side of the river Tay, near the mouth. It has both the longest road bridge, and the longest rail bridge in the mainland UK. These shots were taken from the Dundee waterfront, looking east towards the road bridge, and and west towards the rail bridge.

Dundee Road Bridge Dundee Rail Bridge

Another view of the rail bridge, taken from a higher elevation. I think they should have done the whole bridge like that middle section

Dundee Rail Bridge - another view

The Dundee Law is a highish hill, quite close to my flat. From there, you had a good view of the surrounding area:

Panorama from the Law Panorama from the LawPanorama from the Law Panorama from the LawPanorama from the Law Panorama from the Law

While it was nice being able to see the sea, and surrounding farmland, to be honest sometimes the housing could be a bit depressing – far too much of the same depressing colours:

Depressing Housing

So I’d have to console myself with something from the flat’s liquor cabinet

Liquor Cabinet

The view from the other side of the road bridge:

View from Tayport View from Tayport