Hong Kong

I had to make a plane diversion to Hong Kong to get a new visa – here’s a few photos from then. Quite nice, and proof that Chinese people can drive, and do not need to spit everywhere, but it felt a bit too British to me.

It’s all just a big urban jungle really, amazingly high-density living, higher than anywhere I’ve seen in China.

HK Urban Jungle HK Urban Jungle HK Urban Jungle HK Urban Jungle

HK Urban Jungle

But it was very, very nice to be beside the sea, for the first time in six months.

Docked cruiseship at Hong Kong

I later returned to Hong Kong, this time by bicycle. A much preferable way to travel. The haze hadn’t gotten any better though.

HK Harbour through the haze Star Ferry in the haze

Sally (an English cyclist I met) and I went to nearby Lantau, for an escape from the madness for a while. Fantastic deserted beaches, and amusing signs – what else could you want?

Amusing sign on Lantau Bikes on the beach Near-deserted beach

After rather a long time, I finally saw the light show. “And introducing, the China People’s Liberation Army Building of Hong Kong!!!”

Hong Kong by night

Yeah yeah, I know it doesn’t belong here, but I can’t be bothered creating a specific Macau page. So there. Christmas comes to Macau:

Macau Christmas Macau Christmas

Macau Christmas

Random Macau shots: