About Us

This website was originally set up to cover Lindsay’s bike travels. Back then, it was called But all things come to and end, and Lindsay got married, to Anna. So now it’s All the earlier content is still there, but expect to see future posts about things that both of us are doing. Hopefully there will be another long bike trip coming up soon, but it will involve both of us.

We’re currently living in San Francisco, so the next bike trip may well be trans-America. Fingers crossed.

Lindsay’s Background

Lindsay grew up in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, before moving to Auckland to study and work. In 2005 he moved to Scotland, to work and travel. After good times in Edinburgh and Dundee, he hit the road, travelling around the Middle East. Somewhere along the line biking seemed like a good idea. So he went back to London, worked for six months, then in early 2007, set off on a bike across Europe, Asia – via Iran and the Stans to China, then down to Singapore, and finally down the middle of Australia, reaching home in mid-2008.

He settled in New Zealand for 18 months during which time he met Anna, then got back on the bike for Chile and Argentina, and back up to England, to complete his first lap of the world. He is now working as a Product Manager for Extreme Networks, in San Francisco . You can read more about Lindsay’s professional experience at That site is mainly technical writing, covering the sometimes exciting, often dull world of network management consulting. Email him at [email protected].

Anna’s Background

Anna, a born and bred Aucklander, was built with legs made for cycling. Her dad helped her scrape the green paint of her first bike when she was 5 years old before it got repainted yellow! As a teenager she would often ride around Auckland city for hours on her bike attempting to avoid traffic, and did some basic school competitions but never took it further. After school it seemed the bicycles disappeared from her life.  She travelled some of the world and lived in the U.K, and could sometimes be found riding a borrowed bicycle through the snow in Scotland to her job at a gym.

She met Lindsay in early 2009, and 6 months later, a day before they started dating, she bought a new bicycle for mountain biking and transport (without any influence from Lindsay…she says). Shortly after she give up a career in tech sales, and retrained at university to become a counsellor.  In 2011 Anna and Lindsay married then toured across South East Asia for their honeymoon.  Together they are now exploring a variety of road and mountain bike trails across New Zealand, and around the world.