Miscellaneous Scotland Photos

While based in Dundee, I frequently hired a car, and travelled around other parts of Scotland. Here’s a few favourite photos:

Often parts of Scotland look like New Zealand

Looks like NZ Could be NZ

A typical view along the A9 heading north

Typical view along the A9

Culloden battlefield – a pretty bleak sort of a place. The Scots just got murdered here


Near to Culloden were some cairns, probably 4000-5000 years old – I found them much more interesting

Culloden Cairns Culloden Cairns Culloden Cairns Culloden Cairns

I like seeing some of the Victorian-era railway infrastructure, much more interesting than most of the newer stuff

Culloden Viaduct Culloden Viaduct


Military Debris - Watch Out

Loch Ness is pretty photogenic, but it gets a lot of tourists. No, I couldn’t see Nessie either.

Loch Ness

Whatever happened to a dark grimy city, full of hard men? Glasgow is actually a pretty nice city these days. Unfortunately due to some camera issues while visiting there, I’ve only got this photo of the Clyde

The Mighty Clyde

Heading out of Fort WIlliam, through the Glen Coe region, there’s some pretty stunning views – this was taken while stopped at some roadworks – all you needed to do was push the button, you didn’t even need to line the camera up

Glen Coe

One of the most photogenic castles was just a little north of Dundee, along the coast at Dunottar

Dunottar Castle Dunottar Coat of Arms Dunottar Castle

See, sometimes I do go south of the Border – next few shots are from a trip along Hadrian’s Wall

England/Scotland Border Hadrians Wall Hadrians Wall Hadrians Wall Hadrians Wall

Caerverlock Castle was pretty impressive – having a moat is very cool

Caerverlock Castle Caeverlock Castle Caeverlock Castle

A couple of other random shots from a place I saw while driving along

Hydro Lake Hydro Lake

And of course, I couldn’t leave without a shot of the Forth Bridge…but rather than the rail bridge, I actually prefer the road bridge

Forth Road Bridge