I visited Argentina when cycling from Santiago to Ushuaia. This involved going back and forth across the border numerous times. Some of these albums switch between Chile and Argentina.

Argentina photos are in several albums on Picasa – take a look at these. You may prefer to follow the links to the albums on Picasa.

Around Buenos Aires

  • View from apartment
  • View from Apartment
  • Park in the rich part of town
  • Look at all those lanes
  • Too many roads, normally too many cars
  • Ugly feet, after a days walking
  • View from Apartment
  • Central City St
  • Puerto Madero
  • Dodgy Elevator
  • Protesters
  • Barricades, ready for protesters (they were peaceful)
  • Something lost in translation
  • View from apartment
  • All lawns are cut with weedeaters, not lawnmowers. You then use a rubbish bag to pick up the clippings by hand
  • Filthy docks area
  • Filthy barge, filthy water
  • Wrecks
  • So much rubbish
  • This is where plastic bottles end up
  • Wrecks
  • No more fishing

Puerto Madryn

  • Looking down towards Puerto Madryn
  • Cruise ships stopping for the day
  • Puerto Madryn beach
  • Puerto Madryn beach
  • Drying out the dog
  • Sea lion colony
  • Closer view of sea lions. Unfortunately I don't have the fancy SLR camera and lenses
  • Magellanic penguin, only a couple of metres away
  • Desert fox, waiting outside the parilla for a feed