China is a massive country, so I’ll split these ones up into provinces. Choose a province from the list, will keep expanding it. Some links may not work yet, until I get them updated….

  • Xinjiang – Urumqi, vast deserts, centre of Asia, far north-western China
  • Gansu – Finally getting inside the Great Wall, Lanzhou, Jiayuguan Fort
  • Shaanxi – Xi’an, old clay warriors, etc…
  • Shanxi – Coal Coal Coal
  • Hebei – Fantastic rural country, tough hills northwest of Beijing – then dull flat country south of Beijing
  • Beijing – In their rush to modernise, have they lost their soul?
  • Shandong – Qingdao a highlight here, reaching the sea at last
  • Jiangsu – Nanjing, and lots more money than the rest of China. Start of water counties.
  • Shanghai – Big, glitzy, modern place, foreigners everywhere
  • Zhejiang – Hangzhou, nice water country.
  • Fujian – A real surprise, lovely forests, valleys, people.
  • Guangdong – China’s richest province. Supposedly.
  • Hong Kong – Hang on – is this still China? Two visits here. I’ll also stick Macau in this
  • Guangxi – Christmas in Beihai, and goodbye to China