This province curls around Beijing, covering a rugged, sparsely populated area to the northwest, and a flat cultivated area to the south.

Yeah, gimme some of that! Smooth empty road, switchbacks down into a nice valley, with Great Wall watchtowers along the way.

Back to the Great Wall Back to the Great Wall

I was surprised at how isolated and rugged the terrain was, within just a few hundred kilometres of Beijing. Made a nice change to all the coal trucks of Shanxi.

Rugged Hebei Rugged Hebei Rugged Hebei Rugged Hebei Rugged Hebei Rugged Hebei Rugged Hebei

Roadworks are of course everywhere in China, but often you can still get past on your bike, and have the road to yourself for a while. However sometimes you need to choose your tarmac at the right temperature.

Chinese roadworks Chinese roadworks

100km to go to the centre of Beijing!

100km on the G108

Yet another case of no warning signs in advance, no diversion marked – just a completely blocked bridge. Luckily I could get past on the bike.

Blocked bridgeI liked this hotel – I could choose my shower rose, based on which was delivering the hottest water!

Chinese bathroom

A bit of fun here, visibility down to 10m for most of the day. Of course no-one slowed down.

Foggy day