Another side to England

For those that have never seen English towns, and have images in their mind of rows of depressing streets of joined-up houses, just like Coronation Street, under a grey sky…well they’re all true. I find English housing just completely depressing, something about all the houses built the same just wears me down. Somehow though, when […]

Which ****ing team do you support?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I now own a Thorn Raven bike. I’ve started getting out and about on it, and exploring some of London’s cycle network. The UK has a pretty extensive national network, created by Sustrans – some 10,000 miles or so. London also has many local bike routes marked out. The national ones […]

Back in saddle again

Both literally and figuratively. After nearly 5 months of not working, I’m now about to start work again. I’ve just completed contract formalities for a 3 month contract in Croydon, south London. It’s all going to be a bit of a shock to the system having to go into work each day. A man can […]

Wandering Minstrel

Well, I’m still an unemployed bum. Rather than sit around all day though, I’m putting my time to use, by wandering around Southern England. I went up to Bridgwater the other day, to order my bike, followed by trips to Brighton, Winchester and Salisbury. I hadn’t realised that Brighton was quite so popular amongst the […]