Secret Bunker

Scotland’s Secret Bunker is located in Fife, not too far from Dundee. On the basis of a guide book recommendation, plus the fact that it just sounded cool, I decided to visit it.Just a nice little rural cottage in Fife…

Innocuous Cottage

…with a rather large missile outside


Going into the cottage, you go down a set of stairs, to this hallway

Hallway to Bunker

There’s one entrance, and a long hallway with no doors… lucky they’ve got this sign so I don’t get lost

To the Bunker

And what else would you expect on the other side?

Exit Sign

The whole thing is encased in 10ft of concrete

10ft solid concrete

Control Room

They were set up for true hot-bed sleeping – you got 8 hours in bed, then someone else took their turn

Bunk room


Control Room

I really don’t know what to say about this

Caution: Window sign

Victim of radiation poisoning. Note the very plastic complexion of his skin

Operator slumped over desk

Look closely at the text of this poster…where do I sign up?

Join the Army poster

Arms Room

Radar Gear

Well, I guess if you’re fighting commies, you take all the friends you can get

Nazi Flag