Grey Cairns

When Blair and I were returning from visiting Orkney, we stopped off to visit some cairns. When originally built, all the cairns were fully closed over at the top, but over time many of them have lost the top layer, so now the centre is exposed. These ones had been rebuilt, so if you crawled along the passageway into the middle, you were enclosed in a small space.

These were down a narrow road, that would not be accessible to any tourist coach so they are pretty much left alone. Dark was falling as we got there, so it was just us and the midges…

Grey Cairns Cairn

I’m not sure I want to go in there…

Cairn Entrance to the cairn

Ah what the hell, might as well go in

Inside the cairn

Look, Realistic Dork inside!

Cairn containing lifesize dork

Get me outta here – Blair getting out

Escaping Rat