Europe Miscellaneous from other trips

This is a collection of photos from some travels in Europe, mainly in 2004.

The City of Light indeed – perhaps this shot isn’t the clearest, but I can assure that looking at the EIffel Tower at night is pretty cool.

Eiffel Tower at night

A couple more views of Paris – one from the Arc de Triomph looking out, another looking down the internal spiral staircase. Quite freaky looking down it, it seemed to go on forever.

Down the Champs Elysee Scary spiral staircase

A big square head sculpture thing I found appealing, and a a shot of one sandy part of the beach along the French Riviera. I don’t really understand it there, perhaps it’s just that growing up in NZ gives you a different opinion of what a beach should be.

Square head in Nice French Riviera beach

I didn’t really know much about Florence, but I found it quite an appealing city, mainly just to wander around the little alleyways. Was this bridge really worth the special treatment Hitler requested? I don’t know, perhaps it was a bit over-rated.

The Old Bridge in Florence

Ah yes, watch out for those abusive retailers. Be sure to distrust them.

Warning sign

I just love the dinky little cars they have in Italy. This was a particularly fine example of a small truck, only big enough to seat one person.

Dinky Italian Truck

Venice is great city to visit, but I don’t think I would buy property there – check out the flooding at high tide.

Bridge of SighsVenice Flooding

Attitudes to death have changed a fair bit – how many people these days would want their skeleton dressed up, and set up in a glass-sided coffin in church, for all to see? Well, actually it might be kinda cool, to scare small children.

Skeleton in glass coffin

A couple more random signs I didn’t understand. Are you not allowed to have people walking around on all fours like dogs or something?

Storm warning sign in park No dogs sign

Churches, churches, churches. Ripping off the common people for millenia to build grand edifices. A little bit different style this on in Munich though:

Munich Church

In some ways I’m a little surprised this place is still standing – it’s where Hitler launched his failed putsch from. No doubt after sinking a few Weissbiers…

Launch site of failed putsch

Switzerland certainly is a scenic place, but pretty expensive. The second shot is at the top of Jungfrau – a bit disturbing looking down through the grating at the side of the mountain falling away below you:

Swiss valley Top of Jungfrau

This might just look like any other toilet to you, but I can assure you it is the highest toilet in all of Europe. And yes, I have used the facilities…

Highest toilet in Europe

And just to prove that stereotypes do exist, I had to take a photo of a windmill in Holland. I wanted to get a shot of a dyke too, but there weren’t any lesbians around. My sources tell me I should have tried Rotterdam for that.

Dutch Windmill