St Andrews

St Andrews is just down the road from Dundee. One glorious September morning, I decided to pop down for a visit

The most visible thing there is the ruins of St Andrew’s Cathedral – it must have once been a very impressive building, and it seems such a shame that it was allowed to go to ruin. Apparently they are still finding carved stones from the church that were taken and used to build some of the surrounding houses

St Andrews St Andrews St Andrews

As I said, it was a beautiful day. I have been assured that the water is one of safest beaches in Scotland to swim at, but I managed to resist the ocean’s call…and rapid hypothermia

St Andrews Beach St Andrews

These next few shots are from some tunnels that were dug under the walls of St Andrew’s Castle. Invaders started digging under the walls, so the people inside, hearing the digging, starting digging their own tunnel to meet them. They didn’t know exactly where they were coming from (notice the wrong turns, and the narrowness of the tunnel, compared with the invader’s side, in the last shot), but knew they had to counter-attack somehow.

Tunnel into darkness Wrong direction - tunnel splits Dark and Scary Tunnel The invader's side of the tunnel