Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is the highest point in the British Isles at 4409ft, and it is not all that far from Dundee, so I decided that I might as well climb it. The day didn’t start too well though – pretty heavy fog in the area:

Start of the trail

The start of the trail

Foggy start

It was pretty foggy through the first half of the trail, with visibility very low

Foggy trail Coming out of the fog

The day was superb once I got above the cloud though, with no wind, and warm temperatures

Breaking through Lovely Day Well clear of the fog now Well clear of the fog now

Around halfway up is a nice lake, and a good spot to stop for a quick break – after that the vegetation disappears, and it’s rocky the rest of the way. At the time I was there, there was no snow on the peak, but I could see it being pretty grim for much of the year.

Looking down at the lake Looking down at the lake Path starting to get pretty rocky now

Although it is a relatively straightforward walk, you can see how people would get into trouble if the weather changed suddenly – at the top, the trail is not especially clear, and you’ve got drops like these just off to the side of the trail:

Don't want to fall down there Don't fall

The summit in sight!

The summit in sight Looking around from the top View from the top Looking about from the summit

See this cloud coming across – it came very quickly, and cut down visibility rapidly. Luckily it cleared, and I got some nice views down to Fort William

Weather moving in quickly View down to Fort William View down to Fort William View down the valley Waterfall

The view down the valley was a fair bit different without all the fog

View back up the valley

Made it, all in one piece! A bit tired, but felt pretty good really.

I Made It