The main thing in Shaanxi is obviously Xi’an, and the Terracotta Warriors – and the start of some serious coal pollution.

In a coaldust town, nowheresville, China, I met the Assistant Principal of Number 2 Middle School. He invited me to chat to his class, and meet his family. Lots of fun.

Chinese school Principal and Family

Had a tough time slogging through 10km of mud, in the rain…then I saw this sign to cheer me up. I chose the “Non-flexible lane.”

Strange roadsigns

OK, the photo’s not much, but reaching this West Gate of Xi’an was a pretty big thing. Not that I looked like much at the end of it…

Xi'an West Gate Filthy face

Miscellaneous shots of the Bell Tower (from my hostel window), the Warriors, etc…

Xi'an Bell Tower Warriors Warriors Warriors Random sign Performance for the tourists


Two nice guides for the first 30km out of Xi’an, finding the G108 highway

Tour guides

Someone decided to build flash new roads and bike paths. The peasants just wanted somewhere to dry their corn

Corn drying