Vietnam was quite a change after China. I’d spent so long in China that I knew how everything worked, and it took me a while to get my rhythm in Vietnam. Riding in the northeast, from the border at Mong Cai to Hanoi was nice, but it was crazy busy from there to Vinh. No real back road options, so I had to suffer the traffic.

A few countryside views.

Northeastern Vietnam Northeastern Vietnam Northeastern Vietnam

There was a short stretch of coal mining area, which wasn’t much fun to ride through. Reminded me too much of China.

Vietnamese coalmine

This was an interesting part of Hanoi – the wreckage of a B52 shot down 35 years ago over Hanoi, still sitting in a pond.

B52 wreckage Hanoi B52 wreckage Hanoi

Sadly Ho Chi Minh was closed while I was there, so I don’t see dead people. Ever. Just like in Beijing.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The Temple of Literature was cool, especially the Doctor’s Stelae.

Temple of Literature Temple of Literature Temple of Literature

Not quite sure what this poster is meant to be about though.

Hanoi women with guns poster

Hanoi had things like this lake…and then that traffic

Old quarter laker Hanoi traffic

Classic rice paddy views out of my hotel window.

Rice paddies Rice paddies

You can’t quite see it here, but this is a classic Vietnamese cycling team – two cyclists, both operating the pedals on one bike.

Vietnamese cyclists

The last day out of Vietnam, east of Vinh, heading up into the hills, was beautiful, but tough.

Near Laos border