Starting to get into the richer provinces now – you can really feel that there is a lot more money around near the coast..

Crossing over the Yellow River (Huang He) for the last time

Huang He

It turns out that everything in China can be shrink-wrapped – shoes, laptops, you name it. This is the first time my crockery has been shrinkwrapped though.

Shrink-wrapped plate

“Overloading? What overloading? Don’t know what you’re talking about officer. So many opportunities for these sorts of photos

Overloaded Chinese truck

I quite liked Qingdao, especially these random sculptures, etc. on “Pijiu Jie” – i.e. “Booze St.”

Pijiu Jie Pijiu Jie Pijiu Jie Pijiu Jie Pijiu Jie Pijiu Jie Pijiu Jie

Random shots from around Qingdao. Nice to be by the sea again.

Qingdao Qingdao Qingdao Qingdao Qingdao QingdaoQingdao church

Heading out of town, I found a brand new road, almost completely unused, going alongside this beach. Nice.

Huangdao beach Huangdao beach