Singapore is of course a very convenient stopover on the way from NZ to Europe, and I took advantage of this on one of my flights from NZ to London. It’s a bit of a sterile city, but I do have to say that it is without a doubt the best airport I have been through, and is brilliantly setup for any length stopover. Free Internet access, free phone chargers, heaps of shops, a pool, quiet areas for sleeping, what else do you need? The only time it sucks is when you’ve got a short stopover and you’re changing planes – they can be absolutely miles apart, simply due to the sheer size of the place.

I didn’t really understand this sign – would it have been OK if it was private land?

State land warning sign

Ah, if only I wasn’t such a poorly dressed traveller when I was passing through, I would have gone in here for a gin sling – instead I had to pass for one at Sentosa.

Raffles Hotel Singapore Sling

I’m looking forward to returning here, but next time having travelled overland all the way from the French Coast:

Southernmost point of Asia

More signs to amuse me – what is it then, if not a safety barrier?

Safety Barrier

Singapore is pretty big on the endless shopping malls. After a while they all blur into one. I’m sure the only reason most people are in there is for the free airconditioning.

Singapore Mall

You gotta watch out for those damn kids, studying all the time. Quick, put up a sign, to prohibit it – someone think of the children!

No Studying sign

Four years later I returned to Singapore, but this time by bicycle. I headed down to Sentosa again, and managed to get across to the southernmost point with my bike, but then the lifeguard came and hauled me away. No bikes there apparently. So that’s why the photos aren’t too good.

End of Asia

End of Asia

I stayed at Ali’s Nest, a pretty ramshackle sort of place, but good fun. Except for the bed bugs. I used to think people were joking when, as a child, they would tell me about bedbugs. But there are monsters out there.

Bedbug bites

Some more random shots, including some from around the Kampong Glam Muslim area.

Singapore towers Small seven eleven

Singapore Flyer Kampong Glam