Last province in China! Immediately after crossing the border, you could feel the money drain away. The dual carriageway turned into a B-road, but still with plenty of trucks. Later things improved though. Plenty of fireworks places too – here’s where Double Happies grow up to be tuna bombs

Fireworks Factory

Beihai was a pretty cool town, nice and laid back. From what I can see of the renovations, it may well end up pretty busy in a few years, with lots of identikit hostels and bars, attracting “hardcore, independent travellers”…who want to be able to speak English everywhere. For now though, it’s cool.

Beihai scenes Beihai scenes Beihai scenes

A chance trip into a bike store brought about an invitation to this Christmas party. Not exactly traditional, but lots of fun. Especially when we joined in the party games, not understanding a word of the instructions. Plenty more photos here.

Beihai 365 Christmas party

Riding with Rudolph?

Rudolph on bike

Or a devil?

Devil beside me