One Typhoid and One Noroxin Please

In spite of having a booklet describing all the things that doctors have injected into me over the years, I needed one more jab. Just a typhoid shot – apparently it only lasts 3 years. Everything else is up to date. The only one questioned was yellow fever – we decided that since I’m probably not going into the risk zone, we’ll leave that one off the list. Just in case. Live vaccines carry a slightly higher risk. Not that I’m one of the anti-vaccine freaks, to be clear. I am a firm believer in herd immunity, and think it is appallingly selfish to not vaccinate little Timmy, instead relying on everyone else to vaccinate their kids.

I also needed to update a couple of antibiotics in my travel kit. Some had expired, others I seemed to have used up the last of. It’s a lot easier in developing countries where you can go and find a chemist, and tell them what drugs you want. Here it’s a bit tricky, doctors seem to only want to give you drugs if you’re actually sick. Crazy talk. Good thing the Travel Doctor understands people like me. They do try to wind you up though. If you read their pamphlets too closely, I do believe you’d never leave the house.

Still plenty of things to organise, but it looks like a quiet weekend coming up, as I’m stuck in town for the long weekend. Being on call sucks. So maybe I’ll get a few more bits and pieces sorted out.

On a completely different note, I can highly recommend The Beach Bach for those looking for a secluded getaway. Private, with a feeling of isolation – but very easy to get to. Right next to the water’s edge, with a farm to walk around, or kayaks to paddle up the estuary in. Very relaxing, just what was required.