Keeping Courier Companies in Business

I’ve been busy ordering lots of bits and pieces lately – Schwalbe Marathon Extreme tyres, a new pump, and another pair of Sealskinz because I can’t find my old ones. That’s just from St John Street Cycles, the original suppliers of my bike, and one of the best sources of touring equipment.

Then there’s the Juggernauts and Underdogs from Ground Effect, a Christchurch-based supplier of quality biking clothing. Only reason I haven’t taken Ground Effect stuff on tour in the past is because I supplied most of my kit from the UK, where I was based at the time.

And I’m trying out some Earth Sea Sky equipment – the Traverse Jacket and Overtrousers, because I’m concerned about inclement weather on this trip. If it’s good enough for our scientists in Antarctica, it should be good enough for me. Luckily I’ve got family contacts getting some for me at a good price too…

This is not to say I’m neglecting the local bike store – I’m back there this week to get spare spokes, spare tubes, patch kit, and see if we can sort out the last of my setup issues. We changed the stem, bars, grips, seat post and saddle, and now something’s not quite right. A bit too much weight on my hands, and something’s not right with the saddle position, where I’m slipping forward a bit. Hopefully we can get it sorted, or I’m going to be a bit unhappy until my body molds to the bike. Oh and I think I’ll get some new pedals, change to flats, rather than clipless, so I only need one pair of shoes.

Plus there’s the visits to the camping stores – stove maintenance kit, drybag, more DEET, etc…

Yes, yes, this does all get a bit expensive. Best try not to think about that. But I’ve got my new HSBC Visa Debit card, so it doesn’t matter, right?