The Secret is Out

For many years, my mother has been well-known for her baking. Cakes and biscuits are turned out regularly, and are well-received. Indeed, when I went to Whangarei a couple of weeks ago, Anna dispatched me with several containers, and instructions to procure some biscuits.

One of the particular favourites is the “Sugar and Spice” biscuits. These are a chewy, spicey biscuit, with a strong hint of ginger to them. However, my mother has for years quite strongly stated that “There Is No Ginger In Them.” This has become something of a running joke in the family.

How can this be possible – how is it that so many people who try them think they are a ginger biscuit? At last, some detective work has revealed the answer. Looking at the ingredients, ginger is not listed…but mixed spice is. Who knows what’s in mixed spice? Well, I didn’t know, and it does vary by manufacturer, but I happened to be looking at a packet of Greggs mixed spice, and noticed it contained…ginger.

Ha! No more denying it, they are indeed ginger biscuits.

But it’s OK Mum, we still love them.