Say you’re leavin’ on the 7:30 train and that you’re headin’ out to Hollywood

Well, actually it’s the 11:00 train to Kings Cross, but anyway…the time has come for me to ship out of Edinburgh. My gear is mostly packed up, and I’m heading out tomorrow, to spend the next few months on the road.

Edinburgh is a fabulous city, both to live in and to visit. Even when you’ve been here a while, you still find that it will suprise you when you go into a new area, and find more amazing views, or beautiful architecture. Last week I went on a bike tour of the city, and even though I knew the general area, I still found myself suprised by different views on the city. If you are in the city, the bike tour is well worth doing – it’s much more interactive than a bus tour, and you find yourself getting much more involved. For the less fit out there, don’t worry, it’s not too difficult, as there are lots of stops, and you don’t have to go straight up any of the steeper parts.

The other thing I did was go along part of the Waters of Leith Walkway, from Stockbridge up to Roseburn. This is a really nice walk, well worth the effort. It’s not especially widely-known or utilised, but it is well worth the effort. It gives you a much different view of the city to walking along the roads.

Last night I went out to the England/Scotland game with Craig – fantastic evening, great atmosphere at the game, 67,000 people all screaming for Scotland. The crowd went crazy at the end, with Scotland pulling off a great upset win. Town was packed later on, with plenty of happy fans, and a few Englishmen drowning their sorrows. I was fully looking the part, with a kilt and Scotland jersey on. Apart from risking hypothermia, it was good too. Women seem to go a bit crazy over a man in a kilt though…

I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be able to post updates over the next few months, but I’ll try and put some on content every now and then, even if it’s just a short note on whatever country I’m currently in.

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Thanks again buddy for a fantastic day , it could not have been any better (well maybe more beer !) . If you get a chance , email the other photos to me , cheers

Take care on your travels buddy , be careful and hope to see you soon , enjoy your travels


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