Layout changes

I’m trying out a Javascript hack to get the Blogger bar to hide unless you hold your mouse over the top of the page. When I publish to my own site, I’ll be able to do away with this, as it’s a bit ugly.

As you will have noticed, I’ve changed the layout around a bit, to make this look more like There’s still plenty of issues to work through, and I’ve only just started working through some areas like comments. I can’t get rid of the blogger bar across the top yet, so there’s some overlap going on there, which I haven’t worked out how to get rid of yet. There are also quite a few problems if you make your window too small (i.e. much smaller than 800×600) in IE – Safari seems OK though.

Don’t even think about looking at the underlying code either, it’s a right mess. Currently I’m doing it with Blogger’s inline styles, modified to look my normal stylesheet, but what I need to do is do it properly, and add a few styles to my main stylesheet, then get the Blogger template to reference an external stylesheet, like it should really do.

Once I get things working as I want them too, I’m going to change it so that the blog is published to When I do that, I’ll be able to get rid of the Blogger bar.

If you’ve got any comments/suggestions, feel free to post them. Like I said though, don’t expect anything pretty if you start digging into the code – there’s a lot of kludge from the way it developed – took the Blogger template, pasted in my own, then hacked about a bit to try and combine them.