Shoeless Joe

I now have no shoes. I have only worn them a couple of times in the last few months, so I decided to get rid of them. I have noticed that when I walk around town with jandals, I get the usual number of stares, but everyone is looking at my feet now – maybe because they look like this:


I wanted to spend some more time writing a longer post, but the high levels of Honghe smoke in this Internet cafe are making me feel physically ill, and so I think it’s time to leave. I did get my Kazakh photos done though.

In Hami now, about to head out on what should be some of the last long desert stretches for a while, heading across to the end of the Great Wall. Will do some Chinese photos at the next big stop – Jiaguyuan maybe. Big landscapes here, vast emptiness.

Before I go, a few quick notes about some of the T-shirts worn by Chinese girls. Many have fake brandnames, with spelling mistakes (e.g. Abercrombie and Titch). But some of the more amusing ones have English phrases, e.g. “Trouble Everyday” or “Bad-ass Lover.” My current personal favourite is “Juicy American Princess,” worn by someone who was neither juicy nor American, but maybe a princess of sorts. Ah China.

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  1. I’ve just realised your little toes are diminutive. I wonder where that places you on the evolutionary tree? I’m going to check out Nic’s toes to see if it is hereditary.

    I know what you mean about the chinglish (a mangled cross between English & Chinese) T-shirts. I couldn’t resist buying one as a souvenir.


  2. I think it was the sight of your feet making everyone else sick, not the smoke. Has your little toe disappeared because you curl your
    toes around the pedals? Very primeveal. Go well, Lindsay Boy.


  3. Yes, they are a bit small. I think the sandals don’t help either, they squeeze the little toes in, while the other toes are free to do what they like.

    Mixture of dirt and tanlines – the tanlines are very sharp, especially just below the ankle. My feet do get remarkably filthy some days though, depends on road conditions.

    Am getting to the true China now – there are some parts of the Great Wall now to the West of me, and I should see it in the next two days. Covered some big days (209 and 165), will go a bit slower for the next couple.

  4. I will be sending you a photo of me and Yann’s sandal tans. They are fierce (as you already know, but I think they should be appreciated by a wider audience).


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