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Sun at last

Apparently Ushuaia has two warm sunny days per year, and I’ve been lucky enough to be here for them. It’s not exactly hot, but it is warm and pleasant enough.

Yesterday the weather was superb when I woke up, so I decided to take a boat trip down the Beagle Channel, to Estancia Harberton. Along the way we saw penguins, sea lions, lots of bird life, etc. All with fabulous clear views of the mountain ranges on the Argentinian and Chilean sides of the channel.

Coming back via bus, we went up Garibaldi Pass, which just isn’t so interesting when you’ve driven in a bus. But it was a nice day out, and then on the way back we got to pat huskies. A bit expensive all up, but a good day playing tourist.

Before leaving you with some photos, I’d just like to point out one of the ways in which language can change over time. I’ve been reading a lot of classic works recently, as I can download them to my iPod Touch for free. Recently I read “The Last of the Mohicans”, which contained this passage:

“…permitted glimpses of her dazzling complexion, fair golden hair, and bright blue eyes, to be caught, as she artlessly suffered the morning air to blow aside the green veil which descended low from her beaver.”

Obviously the meaning of beaver has changed somewhat…

  • Ushuaia, cruise ships docked
  • Smooth water
  • Smooth water, lots of boats for options for daytrips
  • Or longer trips
  • Exceptionally calm for here
  • Cruising out of Ushuaia
  • Across to Chile (Isla Navarino)
  • The birds and the sealions seem to tolerate each other
  • Puerto Williams. One day it will take Ushuaia's claim of southernmost city
  • 3,000-4,000 penguin couples
  • Mostly Magellanic penguins
  • Waddle on land, bullets in water
  • Estancia Harberton, first on the island (first building on the island!)
  • The Yamanas somehow lived in these, purely as temporary shelter. Madness.
  • I want whalebones over my gate
  • And some Orca skulls
  • Beaver damage - flooded land, dead trees
  • I don't know what it is with Argentines and getting their photo with a St Bernard
  • Alaskan Husky.
  • Ports companies are always stealthily reclaiming land
  • That ship don't fish no more
  • Beagle Channel, looking across to Chile
  • Ushuaia Bay

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