Bike Touring

Over the Border

I have finally reached the last new country of my world bike tour:

Yesterday I crossed the border near Langholm, tomorrow I should arrive in Edinburgh. Driving rain, strong winds and low temperatures didn’t make things the easiest today, but as I said to someone “I didn’t come to Scotland to work on my tan.” Besides, so far it’s been warmer than Patagonia.

One thing I forgot to mention last time too – a big thank you to the crew at Evans Cycles in Kendal. As I was passing through Kendal, one of my seat post bolts snapped. Hunting through my pile of spares, the closest replacement I had was just a little bit short, resulting in a seat at an unnatural angle. I went in to Evans, where they found some spare bolts, fixed up the outstanding minor issue I’d had with my front brake, and loosened a tight pedal. I wanted to buy some muscle recovery rub, and they felt that was sufficient charge – the other work was free! Cool. Very grateful for the quick service, and being able to get back on the road no hassles at all.

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  • Ah yes, definitely in Scotland now
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